Antha Brings Code to Life(science)

Antha is a high-level programming language for biology and an operating system for all your laboratory hardware, making it easy to design experiments which are reproducible, reliable, and fast. Antha allows you to abstract away many of the complexities of working with biology by linking software and hardware with laboratory working practises. By doing this, it is easier than ever to build robust computational models of these systems and take advantage of flexible low-cost robots for physically performing experiments. With Antha, we're turning biology into a fully-fledged engineering discipline.

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Biology by Design

With Antha you have endless ways to customise your experiments using the 4 pieces which make up the Antha environment.

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Running experiments is easy with Antha. With a single console command your lab will be humming with activity.

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Antha is under rapid and open development. You can subscribe to low volume updates as it progresses, or you can dive in to help build Antha faster.

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